How We're Building Ginjan - Building From Scratch: Part 1 - Intro


In many ways, the idea that became the basis of Ginjan Bros, the company, had been years in the making.

Long before we knew what our first product would be. Long before we had a logo, a website, a legal entity or, extremely supportive customers that fuel us day-in and day-out, by shelling out monies they worked extremely hard to earn, just to support what we’re doing. The whole process has been humbling in ways we could never truly communicate through words. But, one of the greatest experiences we’ve been having has little to do with the product(s) we sell; you see, once we put our product on the market, and started showing some signs of gaining traction, however small, folks started reaching out to us with questions. Lots of questions!

Questions about how we got started; how we chose our legal entity; how we secured a distributor; How we got into Whole Foods; how we won the FedEx Grant & American Entrepreneurship Award; how we… You get the idea.

These questions come from folks looking to enter the food and beverage space we operate in, and as many other industries as you can imagine. Because in many ways, we all have a million dollar idea. But either life’s circumstances, or fear of the unknown keeps many of us from throwing “caution” out the window and going for it. So when we started to think about the type of material we want to share with you, we wanted it to not only be about the values our company and products espouse, but also about something practical to you. Hopefully you find it useful, or at least entertaining.

So, this series will be about every aspect of building a business, to the best of our knowledge. We’re learning as we go, and we’ll share those learnings with you. If you find flaws in our thinking, or have a better take on what we share, we’ll be very eager to hear from you. We’ll talk about business from ideation to exit/legacy.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Grand Ideation Phase.

To start you off, we’ll be covering everything Brand and Design, click below to read.


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