1000-Year-Old West African Ginger Drink Gets New Life in Harlem - FOOD & WINE MAG

This August, they opened Ginjan Café in Harlem’s historic Corn Exchange Building, where they serve the ginger drink, coffee, and pastries.

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This Ginger Drink Is Spicy, Sweet, and Perfect for Summer - Bon Appetit Magazine

“In Conakry, Guinea, when the kids had a break from classes to buy lunch from nearby street vendors, the food varied, but the drink was always the same. The ginjan, or ginger juice, came in a long, thin, plastic bag. You’d bite off one corner and suck the liquid through the ripped hole. At least that’s how Rahim Diallo remembers it…”

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Entrepreneur of the Week - BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE

“Through the $25,000 grant, last year’s grand prize winner Ginjan Bros., a Harlem-based small business that produces and bottles organically produced, non-GMO African beverages, was able to ramp up production, both to fill their current orders and produce enough inventory to support expanded distribution. They also put a portion of the cash prize toward securing organic and GMO-free production certifications…”


Grand Prize Winner — Ginjan Bros – FedEx Small Business Center

“Talk to brothers Mohammed and Ibrahima (Rahim) Diallo, and they’ll tell you that they’re “living the American dream.”  As young teens, they came to the United States from Conakry, Guinea to seek better opportunities. Two decades later, they’re the owners of Ginjan Bros., a Harlem-based small business that produces and bottles organically produced, non-GMO African beverages, the first of which is a version of a West African ginger drink.  They’re also the winners of the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest’s $25,000 grand prize. But, don’t think for a minute that any of this came easy…”


Meet the Ginjan Bros. – Edible Bronx

“Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo spent their childhood in Conakry, Guinea. On hot summer days or with dinner, the brothers would order a West African ginger beverage. Each establishment had its unique version with varying levels of sweetness, spice and citrus. It was the lemonade of Guinea. Today, the two brothers have banded together to create their own organic version of the traditional ginger drink called Ginjan…”


Once teen immigrants, sports helped GinJan Bros. founders find their place in the U.S. – Purpose2Play

“Sports can build bridges, function as a universal language, and yes, even help two teenage boys who, all by themselves, immigrated to the United States from West Africa, and embraced their new home even though they didn’t speak English.
Today, you might find Mohammed and Rahim Diallo walking the streets of New York City in a business suit or with cases of their beverage product in hand. As the founders of Harlem-based GinJan Bros., which makes an organic and non-GMO version of a traditional African ginger drink, they’re entrepreneurs with a backstory that could break your heart, but then lift your spirits…”


Ginjan Brothers Brand Uses Social Media Strategy to Win FedEx Prize – SmallBizTrends

“America is the home to ingenuity and small business success. Meet the founders of Ginjan Brothers, LLC, a Harlem-based beverage company that specializes in traditional African beverages. It is a small business that develops, markets and sells a delicious Ginger juice called “GINJAN.”
Two entrepreneurial brothers, Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo, run the company. Originally from West Africa, they both live in New York City today. They won the grand prize in the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest…”


Ginger Roots: From Guinea to Harlem – City Lens

“A financial adviser and a biomedical engineer may seem like unlikely co-founders of a juice business. But dig a little into their roots and it makes total sense.
Mohammed and Ibrahima (Rahim) Diallo grew up drinking a West African ginger juice in Guinea. In West Africa, and in America, finding a consistent product proved difficult. The brothers were sure it could be done and as they hadn’t heard of anyone who had staked a claim to this product in America, they turned their idea into a business…”


Ginjan: The Healthy Balance & Boost You Need – Roc4Life

“Eating clean and staying healthy is an important part of living these days. People are going above and beyond to come correct when it comes to their lives. A good start is developing better eating habits and exercise routines with consistency. In between all of that, there are supplements and other things to fill in the gaps. We found one that is worth sipping on a daily. Thanks to Rahim and Diallo Mohammed, GINJAN was born. GINJAN is a ginger drink that comes with all the ingredients your body needs without losing the classic flavor of the culture it represents…”


Best of the Bronx: Ginjan juice brothers – News 12

“Two brothers are working hard to make a name for themselves in the Bronx by making a drink known as ginjan juice.

The brothers say making the ginger-based organic drink is a long process.

They say the drink is used in Guinea as a local remedy to help with nausea, head and stomach problems. They say some people even use it as a pick-me-up before physical activities…”